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IPHARMA continue to hold a series of webinars in order to provide information to the vast media audience on various aspects of clinical trials conduct.

Webinar "Findings during the inspections of Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) in 2016"



The review of Roszdravnadzor findings in 2016 along with its classification, analysis, possible corrective and/or preventive actions.

Pharmacovigilance system in the medical centre



IPHARMA article on the identification of adverse reactions, and the threats to life and health of patients has been published in the journal "Health care" (№1, 2017).

Webinar "Phase I and Bioequivalence clinical trials"



Early phase studies is the most important stage of the drug development process.

Webinar "Project management on start-up of clinical trial"



The specifics of project management on start-up stage:  what should we know and what should we do?

Possibilities of adaptive design implementation in clinical trial of next-in-class drugs



IPHARMA article "Possibilities of adaptive design implementation in clinical trial of netx-in-class drugs" has been published in The Bulletin of the Scientific Center for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products has published (4, 2016). The article investigates the possibility of streamlining the methodology of clinical studies of next-in-class drugs by implementing an adaptive design.

Webinar "Highlights of the next-in-class drugs development"



The development of pharmacologically similar agents and improved analogues of innovative drugs (next-in-class) is one of the target directions in evolution of Russian pharmaceutical industry under the “Pharma 2020” program.