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IPHARMA continue to hold a series of webinars in order to provide information to the vast media audience on various aspects of clinical trials conduct.

Report "The use of adaptive design in a dose selection trial of the next-in-class NNRTI"



The report of IPHARMA Chief Operating Officer Natalia Vostokova at the Global conference DIA 2016 52d Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

Has the best time of antibiotics passed?



The article on the analysis of the prospects for the development of antibiotics has been published in the magazine SkReview №7, 2016.

Results of the Phase I clinical trial of Quisinostat



Results of the clinical trial were published in the journal "Annals of Oncology" (2016) 27 of the European Society for Medical Oncology  "Phase I dose of oral quisinostat, in combination with gemcitabine and cisplatin or paclitaxel and carboplatin in patients with non-small cell lung cancer or ovarian cancer".

Webinar "Rules of granting subsidies to implement the projects on drug development under the "Pharma 2020" Federal Target Program"



The webinar is devoted to reimbursement of expenses related to the next-in-class projects realization in accordance with the Resolution № 1503 of 30.12.2015 and changes in the Rule of granting subsidies  № 1045 of 10.01.2015.

Webinar "Clinical trials in oncology introduction"


Special aspects of clinical trials in oncology

The efficacy and safety of elpivirine as part of a 24-48-week antiretroviral therapy regimen versus an efavirenz-containing regimen



In the journal "Epidemiology and infectious diseases. Topical Issues» №5 / 2016, an article was published on the results of the clinical study of IPHARMA HIV-VM1500-04.