About us

IPHARMA is a well-established CRO that manages clinical trials in Russia and EAEU. Clinical branch of ChemRar group, and partner of Skolkovo Innovative center.

ChemRar - High Tech Center


ChemRar was founded in Moscow in 1990 by Alexander Vasilievich Ivaschenko, Doctor of Chemistry.  It began as a scientific and consulting enterprise which focused upon complex organic synthesis. Subsequently, ChemRar created absorption methods for parallel and combinatorial synthesis of organic compound libraries for high-throughput screening of biotargets to determine biological activity. It is now a part of the Chemical Diversity Research Institute (CDRI Ltd).

For more information about ChemRar, please contact chemrar@chemrar.ru

ChemDiv Research Institute


ChemDiv Research Institute (CDRI) - is a contract research organization focused on pre-clinical and clinical R&D from target identification to clinical candidate nomination and Proof of Concept in human. CDRI sees its mission in enabling discovery and development of innovative therapies for unmet needs utilizing highest expertise and innovation potential of Russian scientists with integrated external R&D solutions of Discovery outSource TM platforms. Since 1990 we continue extending quality R&D services in CNS, oncology, inflammation, CV and metabolic disease area to our pharma and biotech partners.

For additional information about ChemDiv, please contact iihr@iihr.ru

ChemDiv Inc.


IPHARMA is the clinical CRO affiliate of ChemDiv, the most established of CRO service companies in the ChemDiv Group. Headquartered in San Diego California, ChemDiv is a leading provider of discovery chemistry and biology services, preclinical development, dosage form and formulation, and IND-enabling programs. 


In operation since 1990, ChemDiv has worked with thousands of pharma, biotech, and academic partners across the globe. With its extensive expertise and international resources, ChemDiv can support all phases of research and development, supporting seamless progression of programs into the clinic. 


For additional information about ChemDiv's services, please contact chemdiv@chemdiv.com