IPHARMA will present a report on the II Medical Forum “Cardio sphere”

On June 1-2, Moscow will host the II Medical Forum “Cardio sphere” as a part of Teva company’s educational project for cardiologists and therapists in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The Forum topic this year is: “Cardio-vascular diseases: new aims and possibilities of effective treatment”

Yuri N. Belenkov, academician of the Russian Academy of Science, again became the scientific director of the event.

Program will give a chance to discuss cardio-vascular diseases treatment from different points of view. There will be more than 15 world-renowned speakers (professors and academicians) including cardiologists, endocrinologists, psychologists and other professionals.

IPHARMA was invited to speak about “Clinical trials in cardiology: modern approaches to drug development and methods for assessing their safety and efficacy” on the 1st of July at 11.00.


Natalia Vostokova, PhD, IPHARMA Chief Operating Officer,

Julia Trakhtenberg, PhD, Medical Director of IPHARMA.

We invite you to join us online by following the link.

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