Running of a internship program “Clinical trial monitoring”

In 2014 IPHARMA CRO launched an internship program as part of the training of qualified personnel in the field of clinical trials. This program is focused on training, coaching and creating of the personal pool in Clinical trial monitoring.

According to QA Director Konstantin Semenov: “Through the dynamic development of the clinical trials within the recent decades, unfortunately there is no special educational institution which may qualify proper professionals in our country. At the same time one if the most important aim with the CRO is to guarantee the clinical trials quality conduction, which in many ways depends on level of preparation and proper training of its own staff”.

In the period from November 5 to December 26, 2014 four trainees participated in the program. Training involved practice sessions, seminars and unsupervised work under the supervision of experienced employees. Participant could get not only theoretical knowledge but also practice both directly in the office and Investigator Sites.

Summing up the internship Chief Operating Officer Natalia Vostokova said: “We are focused on continuous improvement of the quality in the field of clinical trials, therefore IPHARMA did the new step to promote practical training program for qualified staff in clinical trials industry. Concept of internship allows to inform the potential colleague about the theoretical and practical aspects of our work in the mode of direct contact, and also assess their fundamental knowledge and experience”.

Following the results of the traineeship all participants collected a certificate. Short-terms plans of the company involve the continuation of the internship program to give the opportunity to get a foot in the door of clinical trials, to be absorbed in CRA's routine work and take proper decision regarding the choice of the professional activity to all interested persons.


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