DIA 2016 in Philadelphia: IPHARMA shared its experience in the use of adaptive design

Each year IPHARMA takes part in DIA (Drug Information Association) Global Conferences in Europe and the USA. During the event, participants share their views and knowledge and establish international contacts with potential partners and clients, which leads to a development in pharmaceutical industry.

Within the frame of DIA 2016 52st Annual Meeting, which took place on June 26-30, 2016 in Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Natalia Vostokova (IPHARMA COO) presented a report on "Adaptive design in dose selection study of next-in-class NNRTI".

The study objective was to assess effects of different dosing regimens of Elpida® (Elpivirine) in combination with conventional antiretroviral therapy (ART) on treatment efficacy in treatment-naïve HIV-1 infected patients.

The use of adaptive design provides an opportunity to improve timeline and resources when selecting dosing regimens and evaluating drug efficacy. IPHARMA successfully uses current methods in clinical study design development.

Adaptive design in dose selection study of next-in-class NNRTI

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