Evgenia Ezhova took the 3d place in Russian Championship on Endurance riding

We congratulate and are proud of Evgenia Ezhova, IPHARMA Project Manager, for the 3d team place in Russian Championship on Endurance horse rides for 80 km.

International tournament Russian Championship was held in Spassk-Ryazansky, the Ryazan region, on July 8-10, 2016. 160, 120 and 80 km distances run across the forest and field roads. A total of 80 riders from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany and Estonia applied for participation. Teams consisted of 2-3 riders.

11 participants started the 80 km distance, but only 7 covered it till the end. Evgenia was the part of Neftyanik team, Moscow region, which eventually took the 3d place.

Endurance riding championships have been held in Russia since the XIX century. This discipline differ from other equestrian sports in that it’s focused on training and development of a horse endurance and the rider’s capability to estimate its physical capacities along the distance.

Evgenia started equestrian sports in 2014 at the Horse-riding club "Neftyanik". This is a Moscow-region equestrian club, organized in 1997 and specialized in endurance horse rides and horse riding trainings. Horses and riders from the HRC "Neftaynik" regularly participate in competitions and take high places.

In a pretty short period in equestrian sports, Evgenia reached a qualifying standard for the Candidate for Master of sports and have taken high places in different competitions. Annually she takes part in 3-4 starts.

We congratulate Evgenia and look forward for the new victories!

Russian Championship 2016

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