IPHARMA company celebrated 4th Birthday

IPHARMA company celebrated 4th Birthday on September 8. Traditional picnic was on the territory of Technopark Skolkovo. We had a good time in a friendly and fun atmosphere by the lake. Our regular guest Big Jazz Orchestra performed the hits of The Beatles and Bondiana music.

In the welcoming speech Natalia Vostokova, IPHARMA COO, thanked the Colleagues, Partners and Investigators for many years of effective cooperation in the field of clinical trials of new drugs.

Just for four years IPHARMA has taken a leadership position in the number of clinical trials of innovative drugs (according to ACTO for 2013-2015). IPHARMA launched more than 35 trials for more than 1,500 patients, successfully passed 11 independent audits and shared its experiences in the framework of international conferences and forums repeatedly.

Also, the contribution of each IPHARMA employee was emphasized. The winners in eight nominations were awarded with certificates and prizes – master-class of Italian cuisine certificates. There were congratulations, flowers, prizes, great emotions and good mood during the celebration. Being acquainted with different interests of IPHARMA staff, guests from Smolensk gave them a guitar as a present.

Due to the good weather, the celebration lasted before dark. Guests and IPHARMA employees took part in photo sessions, listened to music and played board games. The evening ended with a tea-drinking and eating the cake.

IPHARMA thanks all guests and organizers for a wonderful Birthday party!

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