IPHARMA took part in roundtable discussions at VIIth Russian Congress of Patients

On November, 9th, IPHARMA took part in roundtable discussions at VIIth Russian Congress of Patients.

The Congress has been conducted by Russian Patients Association since 2010. It is a unique platform for the dialogue between non-profit organizations for patients, government authorities, professional community and mass media.

The theme of the VIIth Russian Congress of Patients is "The State and its citizens in building a patient-based healthcare system in Russia". More than 200 Russian and international non-profit organizations participated in the Congress.

“The main IPHARMA projects are aimed at launching of innovative products on the Russian market. We attach great importance to participating in discussions related to the safety and efficacy evaluation of the drugs”, - Natalia Vostokova said.

In the reports, our colleagues will share information on:

  • Reasons for conducting clinical trials

  • General principles of the clinical trial management

  • The rights and duties of the patients

  • Ensuring the safety of clinical trials

Discussions schedule:

November, 9 at 14:00

Roundtable №2 "Difficulties in receipt of the medical care in Russia"

Natalia Vostokova, IPHARMA Chief Operating Officer: "Clinical trials: original and generic drugs"

November, 9 at 15:45

Panel discussion №4 "Problems of the Russian pharmaceutical industry development"

Julia Trachtenberg, IPHARMA Medical Director: "Basics of the drug safety and adverse reactions reporting"

Read more about the VIIth Russian Congress of Patients.


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