On November, 9-10th, IPHARMA took part in VIIth Russian Congress of Patients

On November, 9-10th, IPHARMA took part in VIIth Russian Congress of Patients.

The problems of healthcare development, availability of drugs, quality of medical care and safety of patients have been discussed during the roundtable meetings and panel discussions. Resulting resolutions and questions will be submitted to the Ministry of Health for further discussions and regulatory changes.

Natalia Vostokova, IPHARMA Chief Operating Officer, took part in roundtable meeting “Difficulties in receipt of the medical care in Russia” presenting the report: “Clinical trials: original and generic drugs”.

Clinical trials is the way of obtaining access to innovative medical drugs and advanced medical care. About 800 studies in various therapeutic areas comprising more than 50 000 patients are conducted in Russia annually. Apart from mandatory conformance with the GCP rules, the clinical trials are conducted in accordance with applicable law requirements.

Julia Trakhtenberg, IPHARMA Medical Director, took part in Panel Discussion “Problems of the Russian pharmaceutical industry development” presenting the report “Basics of the drug safety and adverse reactions reporting”.

The safety and efficacy of a drug are monitored not only during a clinical trial, but also in the context of post-marketing surveillance. Adverse reactions, side interactions and inefficacy are found and registered by both doctors and patients. Under the pharmacovigilance system, the Federal Service for supervision of health care receives more than 20000 Adverse Reaction reports every year.

You can watch recorded congress sessions and reports by clicking to the link.


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