IPHARMA will hold Social and Pharmaceutical Forum

On March 29th IPHARMA requests the honor of Patient Communities, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, research organizations and doctors take part in Social and Pharmaceutical Forum in I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Research institute of pharmacy and translational medicine).

The patient in the role of parther: drug development, clinical trials and innovative therapy methods.

Social and Pharmaceutical Forum is the platform for patients, pharmaceutical and medical companies communication for finding the solutions for the problems.

Forum tasks:

  • to discuss the issues of drugs;

  • to share experiences related to social projects and including the patients to innovative drug developmebt;

  • to talk about specifics of clinical trials and innovative therapy methods;

  • to discuss the safety of drug therapy

The sessions of the forum are aimed at finding the cooperation and include the panel discussions.

Every member of the forum will be able to ask questions, suggest ideas or to share experiences.


Contact information:

Tel: +7(495) 276-11-43

Daria Ivanova, IPHARMA Marketing Manager

Mob: +7(917) 563-03-74

E-mail: idk@ipharma.ru

Anna Rashina, IPHARMA Business Development Manager

Mob: +7(903)578-33-23

E-mail: aar@ipharma.ru

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