Partnership with the patient community is the future of the pharmaceutical industry

On March 29th in the Research Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University the Social and Pharmaceutical Forum "The Patient as a Partner: Drug Development, Clinical Trials and Innovative Therapies".

Vadim Tarasov, Research Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Director opened the Forum.

Forum provider IPHARMA is a contract-research organization of the group of companies "ChemRar".

The Partners:

The main topics for discussions:

• Availability of drugs;

• The programs of pharmaceutical companies and patient organizations;

• Development of innovative drugs and therapies;

• Participation in clinical trials;

• Safety issues of drug therapy.

More than 80 representatives of the pharmaceutical, medical, patient communities and students took part in the forum. The listeners participated in the discussions and exchanged contacts.

Many questions and suggestions published after the speeches of patients and companies, who talked about drug development. According to the forum participants, the “dialogue” between patient and professed communities is actual problem.

IPHARMA thanks to the partners for the help in the organization and the speakers. The program was relevant.

Natalia Vostokova, IPHARMA Chief Operating Officer, notes: "The dialogue between the pharmaceutical industry and the patient community is necessary. It will help to know the problems related to drugs and new drugs.

Under the forum BioIntergator and Viriom presented the reports.

Alexander Tolmachev, BioIntegrator Medical Director presented the report "Hear the voice of the patient. Experience in working with patient organizations." He told about joint projects which include the opinion and satisfaction of patients and medical companies.

Alexander said the cooperation of patient organizations, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies played important role in providing access to effective drugs for the treatment of sclerosis.

Vladimir Kan, Viriom Business Development Vice-President presented the report "Viriom - Innovations in the Treatment of Socially Significant Infections" ("HIV, Hepatitis C, Flu") ". He told about achievements in the development of innovative antiviral drugs.

Nowadays clinical trials have been completed for the phase III for the treatment of HIV- ilsulfavirin infection drug, which is a new generation of anti-cell reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) since 1999.

Also successfully completed clinical trials of phase I of new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C and influenza, the transition to the next phase begins.

Reports and photo reports are available at

BioIntegrator is a Russian pharmaceutical company based on ChemRar High-Tech laboratory (ChemRar group).

The main activity is the drug based on proteins recombinant and small molecules for the treatment of autoimmune and oncological diseases. Industrial production satisfies the quality standards.

Among the current projects: Development of innovative biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars, production of Necklair® (Fingolimod).

Viriom is a member of ChemRar High-Tech Center group of companies. Viriom is a late clinical-stage company developing antivirals for HIV treatment and prevention. Viriom's main goal is to combat HIV resistance and radically broaden global access to HIV therapy by developing simplified yet effective treatments.

Viriom aims at development of innovative and effective alternatives to current antiviral treatments capable of improving patient outcomes around the globe. Viriom Inc. has reduced its business risk by targeting registrations and launches in developing markets (CIS, Asia, Africa, Latin America), where the cost of development to registration is 15% of that in the developed markets and accelerated registration can be achieved with a breakthrough medicine that has pharmacoeconomic advantages.

Widespread development activities and early market access in these regions, targeting both hospital and over-the-counter market segments with drugs that provide treatment as well as pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis, can help facilitate registration and commercialization in developed markets (USA, Western Europe, Japan).

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