New achievements of IPHARMA

IPHARMA keeps leading positions among the contract research organizations in local clinical trials (Research and information bulletin #14 Association of Clinical Trials Organization ACTO April, 6, 2017)

In 2016 IPHARMA got 10 licences for conducting Phases I-III clinical trials in several therapeutic areas: oncology, virology, endocrinology, pulmonology and other. All drugs are innovative assign to local clinical trials market.

IPHARMA got registration certificate for SatRx (Gosogliptin, SatRx LLC) and Normacor (CardioSystemPharma LLC). IPHARMA organized and conducted clinical trials of these drugs formerly.

IPHARMA implement complex projects in shortly time using new approaches and methods for evaluating safety and effectiveness in drug development. IPHARMA conducts clinical trials since the first human use to registration, develops and organizes research programs (include the development of ready-made dosage forms and pre-clinical trials)

The results of IPHARMA clinical trials were published in several journals like Vedomosti of the Scientific Center for the Expertise of Medical Applications, "Diabetes Mellitus" and presented at international and Russian congresses of the pharmaceutical industry - Adam Smith's Forum "Clinical Research in Russia", DIA EuroMeeting in Europe, DIA 2016 in the USA, etc.

IPHARMA pays special attention to the development of quality systems and pharmacovigilance. IPHARMA pools the experience in scientific and practical conferences of safety assessment.

Over the past year, IPHARMA has acted as an expert and consultant in the Skolkovo projects: Skolkovo Foundation, the Biopharmaceutical Cluster Severny, and the largest start-up accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, GenerationS.

Cooperation with patient communities is new direction of the company's development. The "Patient as a partner" project aims to establish a dialogue between patients and the pharmaceutical industry and to find ways to interact.


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