IPHARMA will report on drug registration in Russia at DIA Europe 2018

The 30th anniversary international meeting of representatives of the pharmaceutical industry will be held in Basel, Switzerland, this week. This year, on the request of participants, organizers separated a special session about drug registration in Russia and the EAEU.

On April, 17th Natalia Vostokova, IPHARMA Chief Operating Officer, will present a poster report on special aspects of planning clinical trials and drug registration in Russia.

Section – Clinical trials

Beginning at 10.42

Topic “Reassuring Local Confirmatory Clinical Trials for Drug Registration in Russia”

On April 18th, the session “Russia and the Eurasian Union: Regulatory challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical companies” will be held.

Representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission (Dmitry Rozhdestvinsky, PhD, Head of Technical regulation and accreditation department), Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare and Social Development of Russian Federation (Sergei Glagolev, Deputy Chief of Devision for state control of medical products) and Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers AIPM (Elena Popova, Senior Director of regulatory affairs and healthcare policy) will tell the audience about:

  • New operating conditions within the single market of the EAEU countries

  • Regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical production

  • Dialog between regulatory authorities and drug developers on harmonization of the drug registration procedures

If you have any questions on organization you can contact us by phone +7 (495) 276-11-43 or e-mail: info@ipharma.ru


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