IPHARMA at DIA Annual Meeting in Boston

On June 24-28th, DIA Annual Meeting was held in Boston.

This event is very important for the global pharmaceutical market, and it has been held for more than 50 years already. Delegates from all over the world come to visit this meeting to exchange experience and knowledge with the colleges from other countries. At DIA, the traditional subjects for discussion are the innovative drug production technologies and the new approaches to the clinical trial concerns.

DIA in Boston became the biggest in its entire history: more than 6000 professionals from more than 450 companies from 50 countries took part in it.

The most important topics this year were the IT development and the widening of their use in the international market, and different issues related to monitoring and pharmacovigilance.

IPHARMA visits this event every year and takes an active part in discussions of modern issues. It helps to build business relationships with Western partners. IPHARMA members also organized a prize competition for the guests in connection with the ongoing FIFAWorld Cup in Russia.


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