IPHARMA – the partner of Pharma's cool 2021

On March 2-5, 2021, the 7th educational program in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology "Pharma's cool" will take place. For the first time, the New drug Development and Launching School and the Job Fair will be held online.

IPHARMA traditionally has become a partner of the event and will participate in both the main program and the Job Fair.

"Pharma's cool" is purposed to increase the competitiveness of Russian students and young professionals in the labor market with the help of an educational program from practitioners of Russian and global pharmaceutical companies, Skolkovo ecosystem start-ups and to offer opportunities for their internships and employment.


Traditionally, the first two days of the event will be dedicated to the drug development - from idea to promotion, coupled with the specifics of the development of modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets. On the third day, the most topical issues in the industry will be discussed.

The event will end with the BioMedTech Job Fair "A look back from the future". This is the final day of the event and the opportunity for employers to communicate with candidates in a confidential atmosphere through additional activities - master classes, visionary lectures, presentations and private events from the partners.

On March 2, at 12:00, as part of the block "Modern trends in healthcare"

Pavel Kholkin, IPHARMA Data Management Director, will present a report on

"Modern methods of clinical trial data collection", covering:

- ways to collect clinical data

- current trends in data collection

- how data will be collected in 20 years

On March 3, at 10:30, as part of the block "Clinical trials: on complicated in simple words" -

Julia Trakhtenberg, PhD, IPHARMA Medical Director, will present a report on

"Special aspects of conducting clinical trials of COVID-19 drugs":

- regulatory specifics of conducting clinical trials during the pandemic

- designs of COVID-19 clinical drug trials

- safety and quality of the clinical trial conduct

IPHARMA will hold two master classes at the Job Fair:

1) Career in clinical research

Evgenia Ezhova, IPHARMA Project Manager, will speak on:

- roles and positions in the clinical research field

- clinical research stages

- work performance under the study project

- job opportunities

2) Data management in clinical trials

Alexey Orlov, IPHARMA Deputy Data Management Director, will speak on:

- what is data management in clinical trials

- data management processes at the stages of study initiation, conduct and completion

- roles and positions in the clinical research field

- job opportunities

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