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Safe use of drugs is one of the main priorities of a modern healthcare system. According to the World Health Organization, adverse drug reactions (side effects) are in the top ten leading causes of death in many countries.
Protection of the patient’s life and health is the professional and civic duty of all who are involved in developing, producing and prescribing medicinal products. Most adverse reactions may be prevented when you know the specific characteristics of the drugs and the risk factors for side effects.

What will we discuss in Webinar?

  • Which drugs may be considered safe?

  • What is pharmacovigilance?

  • Why is it important to continue to monitor the safety of the drugs approved for use?

  • How has the legislation system changed?

  • What are the new challenges appeared in the pharmaceutical business, and how to cope with them?

For whom?

For drug developers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, participants in the clinical trial market, doctors. 


Natalia Vostokova, IPHARMA Chief Operating Officer

Julia Tahtenberg, IPHARMA Medical Director

Elena Ibragimova, IPHARMA QA and training Manager

Dmitry Davidov, IPHARMA Medical Advisor, Qualified Person responsoble for Pharmacovigilance