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Webinar “Phase I and Bioequivalence clinical trials”

Early phase studies is the most important stage of the drug development process. Firstly, volunteers and patients take medicine for the first time ever, so it can be dangerous. Secondly, the decision about the future of the drug can be made. So we make specific demands to the sites. It will be discussed on the webinar. 

What will we discuss in Webinar?

  • The specifics of Phase I and Bioequivalence clinical trials ;

  • The demands to the sites;

  • The specifics of quality assurance;

  • The specifics of clinical trials with healthy volunteers participation.

For whom?

For drug developers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, participants in the clinical trial market, doctors. 


Evgenia  Ejova, IPHARMA Project Manager

Konstantin  Semenov, IPHARMA QA Director